Why use a Password Manager?

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Why use a Password Manager?

Password managers are a great way to protect your password and therefore your sensitive data. Digi License offers two different password managers. In this article, you can read about these password managers and the different types of password managers.


What are password managers?

Password managers are programs that provide the possibility for users to store their passwords digitally. Additionally, these password managers generate passwords that are very hard to crack. Subsequently, these programs allow users to manage their passwords for online services like social media, online shops, and web applications. So, when you own a password manager, whenever you want to log in on any type of application or Social Media platform and these passwords are saved in your password manager, they will automatically be retrieved and filled in.

There are a lot of different password managers and types of password managers. These types of managers will be explained later in this article. There are two password managers you can purchase on our website. These are Steganos and Kaspersky. Below you can read more about these two password managers.


Why do I need a password manager?

Password managers can be used to store passwords in a secure environment, whether this is a cloud-based, on-premise, or physical environment. By using password managers, you can come up with original passwords that are hard to crack instead of using the same, and easy to remember, password which ensures the safety of your (sensitive) data. So instead of worrying about your data and passwords, you can come up with the hardest passwords you can think of and save them in your password manager. The only thing you’ll have to do is remember your master password to get into your password manager and all your sensitive data and passwords will be stored safely.


Password managers: types

There are 4 different types of Password Managers: Browser-Based Password Managers, Downloadable Password Managers, Cloud-Based Password Managers, and Hardware-Based Password Managers. More information on these different types of Password Managers will be provided below:


Hardware-Based Password Managers:

Hardware-based password managers are tangible ‘security tokens’. A security token is an electronic software identity verification and access device. They’re used in combination with or instead of password authentication. Such tokens must connect to the device and are ready for use after entering the device's password.


Browser-based Password Manager:

Browser-based password managers are easy to use and usually free of cost. However, they’re not the right choice to store your sensitive passwords that need strong security. In this case, Google Chrome is a good example. It saves and stores your password on all your devices connected to this Google Chrome account so users can automatically log in. This is convenient for its users but these accounts can be compromised easily since the password is saved in settings.


Downloadable password managers:

As the name suggests, downloadable password managers have to be locally installed on your device. These password managers can control lots of passwords across different websites and have strong encryption. In the case of downloadable password managers it’s relevant to safely secure your ‘master password’ that allows you to access your downloadable password managers, otherwise, you’ll lose all your passwords.


Cloud-Based password managers:

Cloud-based password managers are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. These password managers can be accessed through a web interface. These password managers can be purchased for free but in most cases, this translates into some limitations such as the number of passwords you can secure.


Password Managers: Our picks

At DigiLicense we offer Steganos and Kaspersky as password managers. Read more on these options below. 


Steganos Privacy Suite

Steganos is an online security system that’s been developing its security system since 1996. Over the years Steganos has developed and improved its tools that protect its users’ privacy. Examples of these tools are VPNs, password managers, and data encryption tools. On our website, you can purchase Online Shield VPN, Steganos Password Manager, Steganos Privacy Suite, and Steganos Safe. Steganos’ Security system is suitable for individual users at home or on-premise and SME businesses. Steganos Safe technology ensures the protection of its users’ files on external drives, in your cloud, and on your PC.


Kaspersky Digital Security

Kaspersky is an organization specializing in online security. It offers several antiviruses- and security-related packages that protect its users against spyware, ransomware, viruses, and Trojan horses. Another option is Kaspersky Internet Security. Users can purchase it as a subscription and it includes protective features for your Mac, mobile and/or pc. These features provide protection against security threats, spam, and network & phishing attacks.


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